Jogar Regate 21 Jogos

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Descrição do jogo : The object of Regata 21 is to stack cards in groups that add up to 21. Click\r\nthe Hit buttons or lanes to stack your cards in each of the 4 lanes. Each\r\nstack is a separate hand, and you can play several hands at once. The cards\r\nwill clear off when you WIN (get a 21 or “5-card Gimmie”) or BUST (go over 21).\r\n\r\nIf you can’t stack a card without going over 21, choose a lane that you want\r\nto clear. Again, click the HIT button or lane. You will BUST and lose scores,\r\nbut the lane will be clear for you to stack more cards. For maximum awards,\r\nplay all 52 cards before the time runs out.\n
Controles do jogo : This game is played with mouse only.\r\n\n

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